Posted by: Bob | September 19, 2008

Washed Away

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. We’ve had a rough old time of it these last few months and to be honest the last thing on our minds was sitting down in front of the computer and blogging about it. Things are starting to look up though.

We had great plans for our garden. We had lots of plans. Then I was hit with chest pains and the garden took a back seat for a while. So much so we’ve started getting a delivery of organic veg from a farm a couple of hours drive away every two weeks to cover what we had planned to grow ourselves.

Aside from the fox attack which took three of our hens we’ve had one chicken drop dead almost overnight and one of our ‘chicks’ was crushed in the hen house as well. I call it a chick but it was a fair size and a good age as well. I never actually get over calling them chicks as we have a favarolle that I still refer to as a chick and its the biggest hen we have! We picked up a few meat birds as well from our friend which have taken up residence in the run alongside two turkeys. The other hens have moved into their new coop which sits out in the main garden. They free-range during the day so don’t actually ever use the run any more.

My tomatoes and cucumber plants died whilst we were on holiday and my one remaining jalapeño plant is currently growing its fruits but has just been infested with aphids overnight. I need to sort that one out sharpish. My potato buckets have came to nothing. Between the chickens eating the leaves and the very heavy rain we’ve received these last few months they are all but dead. Even our bramble bush has not produced much in the way of fruit this year. In fact the only harvest we had that was successful was from our rhubarb plants. We’ve got a cupboard full of jam now thanks to that harvest.

The plant beds that I was meant to dig over the summer so that the ground was ready for next spring have yet to be planned out never mind dug. Between the weather and my health it just hasn’t happened yet. I have found through talking to some people that my hopes of getting an allotment might not be as bad as I’d heard. There is a waiting list of around 1100 people looking for an allotment with about 80 plots. Going on the councils figures they say thats a waiting time of about 30 years but after talking to a few allotment owners they say the turnover of plots is quite fast at the moment. Apparently it may only take two years to get one rather than the decades I first feared.

Anyway I’ll get back to work and we’ll see how things go with updating this place more in the future.



  1. Your year sounds like mine. I was so excited about canning and putting up enough food out of my garden for us and our children that when it didn’t produce as hoped, I was crushed. A tremendous amount of rain, first, and then I met with health issues and ended up in the hospital and that is when it decided to produce, only for a couple of weeks and then was done. It is hard to do it alone, as it is but, even harder when the weather works against you. So, like you, we will try again next year and hope for a better turn out.

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